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Cartoon avatars are getting popular and many people use them on various social networks, instant messagers and forums. You can make an avatar that you like and use it on your Facebook and Myspace profile.

You can easily create an incredible cartoon version of you or anybody you know.

Click a button below to download a toolbar and start creating your FREE avatars today.

Avatar is a computer representation of a person. It usually shows the personality behind a screen name and can illustrate the look, mood, style and likes of a person. In many cases avatars may be misleading and people behind the computer may look nothing like their avatar.


Recent Updates:

Now uploading avatars of operating systems and so far got quite a few of Ubuntu avatars and Slackware avatars, other operating systems and distributions are coming up next.

We now have over a 1000 of avatars of Jenna Jameson in each resolution, also finished with avatars of Briana Banks and got close to a thouthand.

Recently added a couple hundred of avatars of Mariah Carey.

Finished uploading hundreds of avatars of Britney Spears, avatars of Adriana Lima, avatars of Candice Michelle and avatars of Pamela Anderson.

Please upload if you have any different ones.